Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Chicago, Illinois


"Chrome Green,"
Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL—September–October 2015

"Isabella Kendrick: Feature Presentation,"
4th Ward Project Space, Chicago, IL—September–October 2014

"Until then,"
Alcatraz, Chicago, IL—April–May 2014

Kirk’s Apartment, Chicago, IL—September–October 2013

"Compiled People 2: MDF"
Alcatraz, Chicago, IL—April 2013

"Crossing the Palisades"
School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL—April 2013-May 2013

"Queer Thoughts Benefit"
Peregrine Program, Chicago, IL—April 2013

"Compiled People 2: MDF"
Alcatraz Gallery, Chicago, IL—April 2013

"Quality Experience"
Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL—March 2013

"GIF Shop"
CourtneyBlades, Chicago, IL—December 2012

Leroy Neiman Center Gallery, Chicago, IL—November 2012-January 2013

South Side, Providence, RI—September 2011